Karin Cyrén

I am an illustrator and writer. I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and I still live and work here.

I’ve been a professional artist since 2011, when I graduated from the Konstfack University of Art and Design. I do lots of different stuff: picture books, editorial illustration, public art, unprofessional printmaking, sometimes teaching (Nyckelviksskolan, workshops for schools and libraries, etc).

I made the book Maraton as my BA-project at Konstfack in 2009, later I reworked it a bit and it was released with Lilla Piratförlaget in 2019. In 2020 it won the prize Snöbollen for best swedish picture book and the originals were exhibited at Bildmuséet in Umeå.

I have made several projects with illustrator Siri Ahmed Backström - the picture book Vem hämtar vem? (2014) and the exhibition Vårat rum at Grafikens Hus (2014) as well as two public art installations at pre schools, Pekväggen (2016) and Djungelrabatten (2017.

My own writing have resulted in the picture books Strandstaden (2014) about a kid that get stressed out while playing at the beach, I en pöl (2018) about ants raising extremely cute toddlers, Hej hej hej! (2019) and Oj oj oj! (2020) that are small dramas for small kids. I also work on other peoples texts, the latest being the picture book Bakom affären by Annica Hedin (2021).